Join our team and grow with us!

We have a variety of opportunities to suit your interests and skills. Upscale Cleaners is looking for individuals who are ready to take on new challenges, so be sure not to miss out! Check our open positions now or contact us if you want more information about starting an application today

Our team operates with a fast-paced and innovative mindset to help you succeed

The world is a constantly changing place, and we never stop learning. Our goal as an organization has always been to act with urgency while also taking calculated risks in order to create something meaningful for the future--we're not afraid of accountability along this journey because it's important that whatever happens now will help us grow even more than before!

We see an invaluable contribution to society through our diverse workforce.

We believe that a diverse workforce is the key to success. It's what makes us stronger and enables our employees, contractors, partners and customers to feel welcome in their work environment so they can serve others better too!

When we work together, the sky's our limit!

We believe in always putting our clients first. We are all about straight talk, but with the highest respect for each other and for everyone who has a stake in this business!  Great ideas come from every corner so it’s important that you feel heard here at Upscale Cleaners. We work together as one team where people get their voice heard because great customer service starts by treating your employees like family rather than just another cog working toward filling quotas or checking off names on lists

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