Laundering and Pressed

Whether for your job or everyday life, you like to look good and put together.

For that to happen, you need clean and pressed clothing to help you feel confident in every situation. Your clothes are our business!

Wearing a business suit is an essential part of the workday, but it doesn't mean that you can get away with anything.

We remove stains from every type and color dress shirt—even those pesky ink marks or sweat-soaked pits —to keep your crisp white collar looking fresh for longer than ever before!


At Upscale Cleaners, we understand the importance of a clean and pressed shirt to help you look best. We use high-quality equipment for treating each garment so that they come out stain free! After treatment with our proprietary process (which includes specific targeting), your shirts will be ready when it comes time wear them again.

Upscale Cleaners is committed to delivering only the best quality dress shirts.

Our team of experts pays close attention during every step in order for us to not only deliver but also maintain your prized garment’s integrity, starting from when they enter our facility all the way until it leaves their hands as an expertly made piece that will be perfect for any occasion!


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