Wedding Dress
Cleaning & Preservation

You’re ready to shine on your special day!

The best wedding dress preservation available!

Let us help you remember the most romantic day of your life and the dress that made it magical. We carefully clean your dress with gentle, eco-friendly solvents, preserve it to prevent future damage to its fabric, and place it in a viewing chest for easy storage.

Let our cleaning, preserving, and restoration services help you conserve your gown for a lifetime!

All brides and crew are welcome to bring their dresses

No matter what type of wedding dress, we’ve seen it all. Indian and Pakistani wedding gowns, saree, and lehengas, as well as traditional Asian and ethnic wedding dresses. We also clean quinceañera dresses. Not a lot of dry cleaners offer ethnic wedding dress cleaning but that’s what makes us different and sets us apart.

Why Choose Upscale Cleaners To Solve Your Problem?

Evaluate & Price Quotation

Once you bring in your wedding gown to our location, we sit down and quote you on price and go over all of the details of the dress along with stain removal spotting.

Full 360° Inspection

Before start cleaning your gown our experts conduct a full 360°

Focus on Stains

Each problem area is focused on and treated with eco-friendly cleaning products to help preserve the fabric and fight against stubborn stains like wine.

Fix All Defects

After the wedding gown is spot cleaned, all tears and defects such as loose buttons and missing beads are fixed and mended by our in house alteration expert.

Detailing & Recleaning

As soon as the wedding dress is spot treated and fixed of all defects, it once again goes through a full check and detailed cleaning if needed.


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